DigiDash2 Range

Presenting the powerful new range of DigiDash Dataloggers and Display systems.

Born from a racing experience, the DigiDash range has been designed and developed to incorporate a host of features usually associated with high-end, expensive data acquisition systems, yet at an affordable price.

As our customers are already finding on the race track, there is simply nothing else on the market that comes close.

Please click on the sections below to find out more about each product, or alternatively you can download the current DigiDash 2 brochure in PDF format (424Kb) by clicking on this icon:-

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DigiDash2 - LITE

(Stand-Alone Display Module)

The DigiDash2 - LITE is a stand-alone display system (no separate Datalogger box) offering a sophisticated range of functions more oriented towards to the everyday road user. The starter level package will meet most user requirements, but there are 3 additional upgrade options that include a Race / Track Day Lap timer, Additional Timers option and Mini-Log option available. (Installation at the factory)

DigiDash2 - PRO

Datalogger & Display System

With sensors, software and wiring harnesses included, the DigiDash2 - PRO offers a comprehensive package for the serious racer, track day driver or road user. The system comprises a separate Datalogger box and CANbus Display module (Pictured). Track mapping and video overlay come as standard within the package.