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New Comprehensive Price list


Special Prices on GAZ Shocks

       GAZ GP Steel Shocks, Rubber Bushes set of 4 with Springs  R 9,995

       GAZ GP Steel Shocks, Spherical Bushes set of 4 with Springs  R 11,295

       GAZ Gold Aluminium Shocks, Spherical Bushes set of 4 with Springs  R 13,995

Suspension Catalogue Page


Starter Kits R 19,995


Starter Kit contains :
Chassis with all mounting brackets
    Front Wishbone Set (4) including Camber adjusters
    Rear Wishbone Set (4), including Camber and Tracking adjusters
    Full Poly Bush Set with Anodised Inserts
    Chassis, wishbones and uprights are supplied coated in black

Starter Kit is designed for the following ‘donor’ parts.
We can supply alternative new parts, and occasionally used parts, please contact us for details.

Front Uprights, Hubs – Locost SA Ali Uprights/Ford Cortina Donor
Differential, Drive Shafts, Rear Hubs        Ford Sierra/Sapphire



Some say.. "He is scared of the SEiGHT"

All we know is he took the Atom out instead :-)

Top Gear Festival 2011, Awesome Event


Updated Comprehensive price list in the catalogue section


Reduced Prices on DigiDash Units !!!


Info on Sierra/Sapphire Donor Parts

Visit the forum for info on rear donor parts and new rear uprights for Locost kits.
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